Core Values : DREAM

Community of Dynamic worship

  • A community permeated with praise, thanksgiving, and adoration to God through music, prayer and a life style of giving.
  • A heart-changing, God-honoring atmosphere where personal and corporate cleansing, restoration, and renewal occurs routinely thorough worship.

Community of Restoring lives

  • A warm community where people who are sick, lonely, hurting, disabled, depressed, frustrated and confused find: Love, prayer, acceptance, healing, deliverance, hope, forgiveness, guidance, encouragement, and practical help.
  • A life-transforming atmosphere where people continuously receive loving ministry to the whole person – spiritual, emotional, physical and social – through the release and exercise of spiritual gifts by ministry teams, small prayer groups, and individuals in the church at large.

Community of Embrace

  • A warm, God honoring atmosphere where an all member- ship freely:
    • Love, Learn, Laugh and Live together in unity with one another.
    • Serve one another in humility, availability, and submission.
    • Share life experiences through recreation, meals and cooperative service projects.
    • Resolves conflicts in a God-honoring manner, refusing to gossip and slander one another.

Community of Aspiration for His Word

  • Continual, life-changing opportunities for each person to:
    • Discover, develop, and deploy spiritual gifts in a significant ministry position.
    • Establish mentoring and apprentice relationships designed to promote character development, personal discipline, and practical application of spiritual truth.
    • Develop leadership and ministry skills.
    • Enrich the marriage and families of our community.
    • Learn the most effective ways to share their faith with others.


Community of Mission

  • A community of believers who routinely model and share faith through relational evangelism – with others in their neighborhoods, at school, in our society, and to the end of the world.
  • Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by:
    • Short term mission
    • Prayer Project for the mission.
    • Reaching out to community. [Homeless Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry]
    • Seeker-sensitive cell fellowship groups.
    • Inter-church cooperative efforts to reach our community and beyond.